Zenktrans Shipping is a leading forwarder specialized in shipping between EU and Africa. Our sales market is in Africa. Western, Southern, Eastern and Northern Africa hold no secrets for us. As a booking agent for the majority of the most large carriers travelling to Africa, we can offer you the fastest, most reliable ocean shipping combined with an exceptional rate. The professional know-how of doing business in Europe as in Africa as well and passion of our team mean that we can always provide excellent services. .


Mission statement ZenkTrans

ZenkTrans was founded by Marie-Thérèse Zenker. I grew up in Cameroon, the heart of Africa. In my teens I moved to the Netherlands in Europe. International trade is my second life. I worked over 15 years in the international transport sector for several multinational companies.

ZenkTrans refers both to my African and European roots.

Our mission statement

Our mission is to build a bridge between Europe and Africa. To facilitate trade between those two continents by relying on my years of experience in the international transport business and my knowledge of and empathy for the African and European Markets and cultural differences.

ZenkTrans Core Values

1-to-1 approach

Full commitment

Great after-sales service



Why choosing ZenkTrans?

We offer a full dedicated service before, during and after our business deal. The personal service, the 1-to-1 contact, the fast approach and follow-up demonstrates great business excellence among the many multinationals with less personal approach, dedication and the lack of feel of cultural sensitivities.

If any inquiry, please feel free to contact us and we will revert within 24 hours.


Head Office Belgium

Ms. Marie-Thérèse Zenker

Zeebrugge - Belgium

+32 59425090

+32 465802513

Office Germany

Mr. Jean-Marcel Zenker


+49 15258469162

Office Cameroon

Ms. Ngo Tjeg Elisabeth La Reine

Douala - Cameroon